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Tobu World Square

The twin towers may no longer grace the New York skyline, but they still can be viewed in Japan, albeit a scaled down version of the originals. The detail of the towers and the plaza and the commotion of people moving about below is striking though, and preserves an interesting three dimensional snap shot of the area.

At Tobu World Square in Tochigi prefecture in Japan, about an hour and a half by train from Tokyo, there are 1/25 scale miniature versions of famous monuments and architectural works from around the world. With over 102 structures, from the past and present, you can wind your away around the globe and through history. From the Statue of Liberty to the Egyptian pyramids to the Great Wall of China, there are structures from 21 countries, including 42 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The little details are fun to check out as there are over 140,000 miniature model people designed to match their surroundings. Some of these will even move around and do special things when activated at select areas with one of the playing cards sold at the park. If you look closely there are a variety of artistic touches in the scenes around the structures, such as a person being written a ticked by an officer, a caravan of camels silhouetting the desert skyline, and a movie being filmed in the Forbidden City in China. Complementing the scenery around the buildings are sculptured shrubbery and an impressive array of bonsai trees to match the tiny surroundings.

The theme park is divided into six main areas: Modern Japan Zone, America Zone, Egypt Zone, Europe Zone, Asia Zone, and Japan Zone.