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Tobu World Square - Little Details
Looking closely at the details at Tobu World Square reveals a variety of interesting activities going on around the structures. The creators have added several artistic touches and a sense of humor. Below are a few examples, but there are plenty more to be seen.
A little ways from the Tokyo train station a police car has pulled over a car and is writing the driver a ticket.
Inside the Forbidden city, they are filming a movie, possibly "The Last Emperor".
A group of school kids have just gotten off the bus.
On the great wall of China there are four travelers symbolic of an old story. Here are two of them, a pig and a kappa.
In the Japan Zone, a lady is taking a bath outside one of the houses.
People carrying around a symbolic dragon at an Okinawan festival.
A grounds keeper is pruning the tree.
A caravan of camels can be seen traversing the desert in distance in the Egypt zone