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Japanese Toilets
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Japanese Toilets

Japan has perhaps the most technologically advanced toilets in the world. The one featured above is the modern Japan toilet and is common in many hotels and newer buildings. Some of the features include:

- Heated seats - No one likes to plop their tushie down on a cold seat in the winter and the Japanese have figured this out. The little cord coming out of the wall hooks into the seat to provides electricity to heat it up.

- Adjustable Shower / Bidet - As seen in the picture their is a control panel on the toilet that allows the user to shoot water at their bottom for cleaning purposes (it is assumed). There is a little dial for adjusting the level of the water pressure and what looks like two settings, Shower and Bidet. The difference between these two settings is anyone's guess, and only those brave enough to try it out will know for sure. Rumor has it there is a little blow drying effect that comes on afterwards to do the drying. It is questionable that many people use these features (for cleaning purposes anyway) as toilet paper is quite prevalent in Japan. But use it or not, how can you not get a toilet with all these features?

- Water adjustment - Sitting down on the seat automatically causes additional water to flow into the bowl. Apparently it knows a biggie is coming and prepares extra water to take care of the job.

These toilets are quite a step up from the traditional toilets in Japan, which are more of the hole in the ground variety as are popular throughout Asia. Even these though have their own special features.