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Some of the funnier books related to Japan are listed below:
Making Out in Japanese - Funny lines for socializing with the opposite sex in Japan. What better way to learn a foreign language. Cameoed by Bill Murray in the out takes from "Lost in Translation"
Japanese Jive - Examples of humorous Japanese English used on products
101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions: The Art of Chindogu - Selection of silly inventions, such as dust slippers for cats (so the cat can dust the floor as it walks around), and other funny ideas that aren't quite as useful as the inventor may have intended when starting out.
So Crazy Japanese Toys! - Collection of cool and strange Japanese toys based of popular TV shows and cartoons in Japan.
Dave Barry Does Japan - Popular travel comedian sets his sights on Japan.
Wicked Japanese for the Business Traveler - Variety of phrases that can be said in Japanese, with several made to be more amusing than practical, such as: "My dream is to be a tiny cog in a huge and honorable machine" in Japanese.
Clueless In Tokyo : Explorer's Sketchbook Of Weird And Wonderful Things In Japan - Amusing sketches and reactions to Japan in this cute little book.
Squeamish About Sushi: And Other Foods Adventures in Japan - Tounge in cheek observations about eating in Japan.