About this site

Japan is an interesting place. Especially from a Westerner's point of view as there is no shortage of things that will make you stop and think if you take the time to do so.

From differences in humor, lifestyles, food, movies, pop culture, places to see, etc. there is a lot of interesting stuff related to Japan and this site aims to have a bunch of it.

Stuff is not an carefully laid out categorization nor is it the final and authoritative view on something. Instead stuff gives rise to multiple perspecives and appeals differently to different people.

Stuff also grows and accumulates over time, and is moved around to accomodate more stuff, depending on what is added and what is interesting rather than what fits into some preconceived master plan.

Stuff is a good metaphor for this site, as the intention is to collect interesting things about Japan over time for people to peruse and explore. Contributions from others are also encouraged. After all everyone has at least some cool stuff.

Contact at: info@japanesestuff.net